Two women 's faces side by side with one of them facing opposite directions.

What is FaceTite

InMode FaceTite is a facial rejuvenation procedure that simultaneously delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy both beneath the skin and at its surface, to stimulate collagen production.

FaceTite can tighten skin and reduce fat under the chin, jowls, cheeks, and neck.

It is often combined with radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL) under the chin and jowls for more dramatic contouring results, including a more defined lower face and jawline.

A study published in the journal Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Global Open in 2016 showed that 85% percent of patients were satisfied with their contouring and skin-tightening results from RFAL.

It can also be paired with RF microneedling treatments- Morpheus8  to further stimulate collagen remodeling.

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FaceTite is a minimally invasive procedure performed by Dr. Michael Bailey . 

It has minimal risk of scarring and infection due to the 3 tiny incisions made under the jawline.  The downtime is minimal at only 4 days of wearing a compression garment.  Swelling and possible bruising can be expected but typically subsides within a 7-10 days.